What’s to like about the security camera:

  • Outdoor/indoor use
  • HD video (1080p)
  • Automatic night vision
  • Two-way talk
  • Three camera modes
  • Innovative design

The safety of our loved ones should always be a top priority. Also, we want to keep our homes as protected as possible, and that’s where security cameras step onto the scene. These handy devices are becoming more powerful with each generation, with the ability to provide advanced options for an affordable price.

Well, we searched the Web for the best security camera, and it turned out that the Canary Flex HD Security Camera is a top-quality model. Of course, we tested the features of this product and here are the results.

Compact and easy to install

The discreet profile of the Canary Flex is one of its major assets. This inconspicuous gadget can monitor the intruders without them knowing about surveillance in your home. Plus, this miniature camera is available in three colors so that you can blend it with the walls or furniture.

We must also mention that Canary Flex comes with effortless installation. The secret lies in the magnetic base that provides a firm grip. Also, the innovative design allows the camera to rotate 360 degrees on its own. As if that’s not enough, the rubberized interior will protect the lens from any fall or similar impact. Plus, the Canary Flex HD camera is water-proof. Thus, you can install it on the outside wall as well.

Seamless integration

As a rule of thumb, modern-day cameras come with wireless connectivity. The same goes for Canary Flex, and this wire-free camera will let you control its features via an Android/iOS app. As expected, the app is available for free. Also, we should mention that Canary Flex works with Alexa.

So, two-way talk is one of the options you will have at your disposal if you install this HD camera. On top of that, you will receive motion-activated alerts and the possibility of one-touch emergency service. Canary Flex comes equipped with AI-enabled Smart Alerts. In other words, the system will only disturb you when a human enters the perimeter, not for every squirrel that runs through the backyard.

Functionality at its best

Speaking of motion detection, Canary Flex will record a 30-second video clip every time someone activates the sensor. The video stays available for 24 hours, and you can save it or share it. Canary Flex records video in HD quality (1080p), and the camera can cover porches, living rooms, nursery rooms, and so on.

Also, the live streaming feature will provide you with constant access to the situation in your home. By using the built-in mic, you can say hi to the kids or keep the dog off of the couch. The range of options is unlimited.

Should you buy it?

From what we’ve seen, Canary Flex HD Camera is worth every penny. This camera offers excellent video quality for an affordable price. On top of that, it has a discrete and compact design that fits into all surroundings.