Main features of Outdoor Research Adrenaline Gloves:

  • Moisture-wicking and windproof
  • Synthetic Diamond PU grip
  • Waterproof Ventia insert
  • 226g 100% polyester insulation
  • Tricot Microbemberg lining
  • Elasticized wrist with a gauntlet cinch
  • Affordable price

The pandemic might have disrupted many of our plans, but skiing and snowboarding are still on the menu. These outdoor activities can provide fun for the entire family while boosting the immune system.

However, freezing temperatures can be dangerous if you tackle them without proper gear. For instance, a pair of warm winter gloves is a must-have, and that’s why Outdoor Research Men’s Adrenaline Gloves are a best-selling item.

Of course, we tested these skiing gloves to see how they behave in action, and here’s what we discovered.


Since the 1980s and early 90s, Outdoor Research built a reputation for innovative outdoor gear with functional yet attractive aesthetics. Founded by Ron Gregg, a nuclear physicist passionate about outdoor exploration, the company always prioritized research and development.

As a result, OR has a massive army of loyal fans worldwide. Also, the brand sells a broad range of outdoor-oriented products, from face covers and skiing gloves to winter jackets and flannel shirts. In any case, Outdoor Research will not let you down when the going gets tough and when nature shows its uglier side.


Even if you are spending a single day at a ski resort, a pair of warm gloves or mittens are essential. So, to help you separate the best from the rest and find the warmest gloves for winter activities, consider the following elements:


First, check the overall quality by looking at the fabrics and stitching. For instance, most modern skiing gloves feature synthetic materials, but many models will also combine those with natural details, including leather. Likewise, look for a durable and warm layer on the inside because this area suffers the most damage from wear and tear.


For those looking to pair the gloves with the rest of their winter gear, we should mention that it’s crucial to look at the available color options and other aesthetic aspects. In essence, gloves are either sporty or elegant, so start from there. Plus, design can also affect performance, so check the position of the grippy fabric on the palms or the gauntlet cinch on the outside.


Last but not least, double-check the price tag because some high-end skiing gloves can reach staggering amounts. And, unless you are one of the many multimillionaires visiting our website regularly, you don’t want to overpay for a pair of winter gloves. In most cases, budget-friendly models will do just fine, such as the case with Outdoor Research Adrenaline.


Okay, it was about time we focused on the specifics of the extra-warm Adrenaline gloves. As with everything from Outdoor Research, we noticed that these well-designed gloves have almost no flaws, and it’s hard to find reasons to complain.

Since the Adrenaline model comes from a decades-long tradition, it’s not surprising to see that it has everything you could need out on the slopes.


Outdoor Research Men’s Adrenaline Gloves are available in two colors and four sizes, with a sports-oriented look and several stylish details. Moreover, the Saddle color scheme combines brown and black elements, making the gloves eye-catching and attractive.

Also, the elongated wrist area plays an aesthetic and functional role, protecting you from snow while giving the Adrenaline a sleek and modern shape. As expected, the section between the wrist and the palm is elastic and flexible.


Since winter gloves are in almost constant contact with skiing poles or other icy surfaces, the fabrics must be rugged and resilient to handle all that stress. That’s why Outdoor Research Adrenaline gloves feature extra-grippy Synthetic Diamond PU on the palms and fingers.

On the outside, these gloves rely on moisture-wicking 2L 100% nylon combined with Tricot Microbemberg polyester lining. Overall, the Adrenaline gloves feel solid and sturdy, capable of handling years and years of skiing expeditions.


As we all know, warmth and protection from the wind or snow are the primary reasons for using winter gloves in the first place. For that reason, it’s essential to buy gloves with the highest heat retention.

For example, Outdoor Research Adrenaline Gloves are windproof and extra-warm because they come equipped with top-class insulation. Namely, these gloves have a 266g 100% polyester layer trapped between the outer and the inner layer. This system makes the winter-ready Adrenaline model as warm as skiing gloves get these days.


Besides warmth and protection, gloves should also offer comfort and coziness. Outdoor Research winter gloves also tick these boxes because the Adrenaline model is super-comfy and easy to wear.

Even though these gloves are waterproof and well-insulated, they also offer more than enough breathability to prevent excessive palm sweating. So, your fingers will stay warm and toasty, surrounded by soft and gentle fabrics.


We already said that the functional Outdoor Research Adrenaline model features several practical details. For instance, the handy gauntlet cinch keeps the gloves by your side at all times, while the pull-on loop helps put them on more effortlessly than ever.


If you need an affordable pair of gloves for skiing or snowboarding, Outdoor Research Adrenaline could be right up your alley. After all, these winter gloves combine the latest technologies with time-tested design features.

For only $50, you’ll get feature-packed handwear that will make days on the slopes enjoyable and safe. These winter gloves will provide excellent protection against the cold while acting as an attention-grabbing accessory.

So, what more could you need? Order your Outdoor Research Adrenaline pair soon because the winter is not yet going anywhere.