GoPro recently announced their newest camera, the GoPro Fusion, which is GoPro’s first foray into the world of VR. The GoPro Fusion is capable of taking spherical video, VR content, and photos in gorgeous and high-resolution 5.2k.

Perhaps the coolest thing the Fusion introduces is the new Overcapture reframing system. Overcapture lets you take frame and choose the exact shot you want, from the huge, spherical video. You can then crop it to smaller resolution video for playback on any device. GoPro describes Overcapture as “like having a camera team with you when you shoot capturing your primary and b-roll footage.” 

Mount the Fusion on your helmet, and let it do all the work while you enjoy whatever it is you’re doing; you can then go back and turn the footage into the perfect shot. It’s essentially like have a series of GoPro camera’s – 6, in fact – rolled into one.

The Fusion is currently only available in a pilot program for professional content creators, who are able to sign up and get a sneek peek at its 360-degree VR capabilities. There aren’t a lot more details available right now, but expect GoPro to have Fusion’s more widely available on the market by the end of 2017.