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Air Opus Inflating Camper

Pure genius. Tired of limited adventures due to terrain, packing time, site setup, off-the-grid settings, etc.? Air Opus campers are just for you. Don’t be fooled–these may look like a traditional pop-up camper but Air Opus design is far beyond that.

The Air Opus is an INFLATING camper. Integrated Air Poles inflate and stiffen using an electric pump inside the box that’s activated with the flip of a switch. Camper setup and take down is done in about ninety seconds! You will find all the conveniences of those monster fifth wheels–soft double beds for the perfect night’s sleep, plush leatherette seating for a comfortable place to relax, a stainless steel sink with running water, a kitchenette with a gas cooker and refrigerator, heating, lighting, plug sockets, etc. The list goes on and on as you can customize your experience. Manufacturer’s Website 

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