Maple syrup usually conjures up images of Fall or Winter. That’s when it’s harvested and made, and when pouring a warm cup of the stuff all over your steaming hot pile of pancakes is the most enticing. But some of us (especially those with New England roots) love piling into the stuff all year long. Yes – even in mid-July, when the temperatures are hitting 90F.

Maple syrup is just too dang good. And when we came across a bottle of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup this fall, you can bet we picked up a few bottles. We wanted to stock up for the rest of the year.

Runamok Maple Syrup is about as authentic as it gets. Organic maple syrup harvested and made right in Vermont – the World Headquarters of Maple Syrup. To add some real unique American flavor, it’s aged for 6 months in authentic Bourbon barrels (usually toasted oak) from Kentucky. Hard to imagine a sweeter, more old-time American way to start the morning.

Runamok also sells maple syrup aged in rum barrels, as well as Whiskey barrels from Mad River Distiller’s Rye Whiskey casks. Both are just as good poured over your favorite pancakes – or any other sweet treat – as the Bourbon barrel-aged offerings. And they’re all Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers.

Our stash isn’t running out anytime soon.