Lever espresso machines – also known as manual espresso machines – have been around for some time. They’re the original espresso machines, you might say, and the precursor to the automatic machines we have today. However, we’ve never seen anything quite like the Leverpresso. This handy little tool is an all-in-one, portable espresso maker that lets you pull out a finely-tuned, classic shot of espresso wherever you are.

To brew a shot, simply measure the appropriate amount of coffee grounds into the mini filter basket, and press it down with the plastic tamper, and then slide the filter into the portable cup. You then attach the cylinder above it, and fill it with hot-but-not-boiling water at 195-205 (or as close as you can guesstimate it). Squeeze the two levers down tightly for 10-30 seconds. Finally, enjoy your beautifully pulled espresso shot. 3 minutes or less every time.

Of all the portable coffee makers and various accessories out there, the Leverpresso is probably our favorite, at least in design. It’s classically designed and with classic appeal, and there is something fun about squeezing down two levers that look something like a fancy bottle opener. It reaches a full 9 bar of espresso, using only your own muscle power. The coolest part of this is that you can actually control the flavor and strength of your coffee much more precisely than with a machine; If you extract between 1-10 seconds, the coffee will tend to taste more sour. Between 10-20 seconds, it will be sweeter. And if you extract between 20-30 seconds, the coffee will taste richer and perhaps more bitter. It will definitely require some practice and fine-tuning to get it exactly how you like, every time, but that’s the fun of making coffee.

Lastly, the construction and build contain no BPA or phthalates. It’s durable, portable and easy-to-use, going anywhere you do. Calling it the most portable espresso maker ever may be a bit of a stretch, but we still like it; the lever design should allow for a more consistent shot than a lot of other portable espresso devices. The Kickstarter program is over so we are just waiting for the release.

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