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We Want to Try This Barrel Aged Coffee: Bourbon, Rye, Cab Sav, and Chardonnay Coffee

Oak and Bond Barrel Aged Coffee

We’ll let you in on a secret: We love barrel-aged bourbon. We also love coffee. But do we like barrel aged coffee?

You could be forgiven for not hearing of Oak and Bond’s barrel aged coffee – as we’d never heard of it either. But it turns out they have several unique and delicious barrel-aged coffees: Bourbon Barrel-Aged and Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged, and two wine cask aged – Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Bourbon Barrel-Aged is our personal favorite: whole bean, Single Origin beans from the Chapadas de Minas region of Brazil, pulped natural (the most expensive form of processing) to remove bad beans and create a cup of the highest possible quality. Those beans are then aged in American oak bourbon casks from Kentucky – resulting in a rich coffee with notes of chocolate, caramel, mandarin orange and a hint of bourbon; can’t say that for your grocery store-bought Starbucks now, can you?

The process is repeated for the next three coffees, but each with their own beans and casks, respectively: the Rye Whiskey blend starts with semi-washed Costa Rican beans, aged in Kentucky Rye casks for a nuttier, drier finish; Chardonnay starts with Ethiopia Guji beans in barrels from the Napa Valley; and Cabernet Sauvignon starts with Guatemala Huehuetanango beans and switches out the white wine Napa casks for red Napa ones.

They’re novelty coffee, at roughly $40 a pound. But hey, they’re delicious and different – and some of the best damn coffee we’ve had in a long time. The flavors are evident but not overpowering, letting the beans’ natural flavors and terroir come through.

To answer our own question: Yes, we loved the Bourbon Barrel-Aged,. We’re now we’re grabbing a bag of all four.

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