Main features of Secretlab TITAN:

  • Three upholstery options
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Memory foam pillow for the head
  • Adjustable metal armrests
  • Tilt mechanism with multiple settings

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic seems to go away, remote work is here to stay. So, it’s time to think about boosting your setup and ordering a high-quality chair. Of course, if you are into gaming, all the more reasons to look for the best of the best.

For instance, almost every gamer knows about the prestigious games coming from Secretlab. That’s why we tested the larger cousin of the famous Omega, the spacious Secretlab TITAN.

Here’s what this premium gaming chair offers.

Multiple Upholstery Options

Currently, Secretlab offers three different materials for the TITAN gaming chair: 2.0 PU leather, Napa leather, and a soft-weave fabric.

The high-quality 2.0 PU leather stands as the next generation of PU leather. It offers four times better abrasion resistance and flexibility than regular PU leather. Thus, gamers spending six or more hours in the virtual world will find this option a dream-come-true. Best of all, the 2.0 PU leather is the least expensive material out of the three.

Then we have the soft-weave fabric as the most comfortable option. It comprises dense and short yarn that is exceptionally soft. Admittedly, this material isn’t as durable as PU leather, but it trumps the leather in comfort and convenience.

The third and most expensive option is the Napa leather. As you already know, this high-end material is renowned for its durability, ease of use, and aesthetics. Yet, Napa leather almost doubles the price of the Secretlab TITAN gaming chair with PU leather. Therefore, the last option is more of a status statement.

Maximum Comfort

The cushioning in the TITAN comes from the cold-cure foam. It holds its shape well because it’s relatively firm, which should be music to the ears of avid video gamers, programmers, and YouTube streamers.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also get a memory foam head pillow. This neat detail will relax and support the neck while you spend hours sitting in the Secretlab TITAN gaming chair.

Sturdy Construction

Now we come to the essential element of any gaming chair – the metal frame. In this case, the tempered steel skeleton of the TITAN offers maximum stability. Plus, the armrests are also 100% metal on the inside. The rugged construction comes with super-strong bolts, which are easily accessible.

Of course, the TITAN offers a range of options for adjusting your seating position, including an almost horizontal tilt. The armrests also provide several options for customizing their position and orientation.

Is It Worth It?

Although the Secretlab TITAN gaming chair ranks among the most expensive on the market, it’s worth the money. The adjustability of this chair is already becoming legendary, and the selection of materials should meet any user’s needs. If you are switching over to remote work or you want to reduce back pain while playing your favorite video game, the TITAN could be the perfect option.