We’ve reviewed our fair share of portable coolers for camping and chilling down by the river. But we’ve yet to come across any as awesome and heavy-duty as these powered coolers from Dometic. (Dometic Fridges were formerly known as Waeco fridges, so you might see that name tossed about).  The Dometic CoolFreeze CFX3 is a hefty-duty electric power cooler that will your drinks, beers and sandwiches all day, without the hassle of melting ice.

Now, you may be asking “why do I need a powered cooler?” Most likely, you don’t, for picnics, tailgates and afternoons out fishing. But for long, demanding trips or for life on the road, having a reliable fridge that goes everywhere you do and doesn’t rely on ice to chill food, is a game-changer, if not a necessity.

The Dometic does more than just chill food and act as a fridge; it can actually deep-freeze, down to -7F. Colder than your freezer at home. Without ice and using very little energy at all. It runs off either AC or DC power, and can be hooked up to a compatible solar charging panel for life on the go.

The body is built like a tank, with reinforced corners, stainless steel hinges and a “robust lid coating.” It’s got room for 28 liters of storage, but Dometic also boasts that it is only 2/3 the size of a cooler with similar capacity, as it doesn’t require extra room that is just filled with ice anyway. It weighs 29 pounds.

On the front of the fridge is an LED monitor, which lets you keep an eye on the temperature. Inside, an LED light illuminates the cooler and helps you find drinks in the dark. The Dometic CFX CFX3 also boasts of remote control by – you guessed it – WiFi. The Download the Dometic app on your phone, and monitor temperature from there. Oh, and if you’d like to charge your phone or any other device, there’s a USB outlet on top of the fridge.

So, looking to pack up and load up for some serious offroad adventures – with properly chilled food and drink the whole time? The Dometic CFX 28 is the cooler you need. It’s like a mini fridge, for your car.