Whether you’re want it for relaxing in the backyard on a summer’s night, or for having an easier way to make a fire at the campsite, a gas-powered  portable campfire makes it easy. Less work, less smoke, less hassle. A good choice might be the Outland Firebowl.

With a diameter measuring 19”, the Firebowl is CSA-approved and can be used during most firebans safely (provided you follow safety precautions and other rules, of course). It’s made from sturdy steel, with a protective enamel finish, weighs 2 pounds and is designed to withstand heavy as you put it in the back of the truck and unload it at the campsite.

A pre-attached 10-ft hose with regulator lets you hook it up to any standard 5 lb propane tank (a stabilizer ring is built in), and it puts out a solid 58,000 BTUS. It uses an auto-ignition feature that makes startup quick and easy, and you can adjust the intensity and heat easily with the chrome knob. The flame burns clean and smokeless, so you can use it anywhere you desire without causing a scene (think small patios, the beach, tailgating). Outland also makes a CSA approved Natural Gas Conversion Kit, for hooking up natural gas, and a carry bag for the Firebowl, that you can purchase separately.

Warm and inviting. You can cook over it, like any other campfire, or simply relax with it.  A decorative rock set gives it the appearance of a more traditional fire. We really like how easy it is to setup and use, as it’s no more complicated than the propane grill on your deck. We also like how it looks; your typical gas-powered portable campfire look more like hardware than a decorative fire pit, or cheap and plasticky. But this one actually looks decent in the backyard. Check it for yourself and add some warmth to cool nights in the woods.

Outland-Firebowl-Portable-Campfire-1 Outland-Firebowl-Portable-Campfire-2 Outland-Firebowl-Portable-Campfire-3 Outland-Firebowl-Portable-Campfire-4 Outland-Firebowl-Portable-Campfire-5