We’ve already expounded on the virtues of excellent cast iron cookware, and why we think everybody who spends time in the kitchen should invest in some. So we’re excited to check out some Finex cast iron skillets. Located in Portland, Oregon, Finex is a small team of craftsman combining the best of cast iron forging with a love of fine cooking. They started out just looking for a pan that didn’t leave any toxic materials in their food, and for that reason, everything they make is built to the highest standards of quality, designed to last a lifetime, besides cooking some damn fine food.

They’ve got classic iron skillets, but the Finex Cast Iron Grill Pan is what we originally stumbled across, looking for a good griddle/grill pan to complement a cast iron skillet and a give finish akin to that of a grill. Constructed from hefty-duty cast iron, the Grill Pan comes in three sizes – 10”, 12” and Lean. The 12” (10.5 lbs.) has two handles and is designed to give the best BBQ on any heat source – grill, stovetop, electric, induction.  The 10” boasts a skillet style handle, weighs 8 pounds, and does the same in a slightly more convenient. For searing steak, baking a chicken or charring some vegetables, the radiant heat of the cast iron is smooth and even. The grill ribs in the bottom of the pan are BBQ width for those classic marks on your food, and they’ve been polished carefully to prevent food from sticking.

The third option is the Lean, a roughly 15” x 9” flat pan with a domed interior surface, so fat and juice drain to the sides for when you need a leaner, meaner meal.

So whatever you’re looking to accomplish on the grill or stovetop, some Finex cast iron can handle the job. It ain’t Lodge-cheap, but it’s worth the investment.

Finex-Cast-Iron-Grill-Pan-3 Finex-Cast-Iron-Grill-Pan-4 Finex-Cast-Iron-Grill-Pan-1 Finex-Cast-Iron-Grill-Pan-2