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Introducing the New Mclaren Senna GTR And It’s Over 800 of Horsepower

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If you’ve got a close to $1.4 million to drop on one, expensive, exclusive dream, racing car, the McLaren Senna GTR may just be for you. With over 800 horsepower and a ton of downforce, only 75 will be made.

At the moment, the Senna GTR is only a concept car, and won’t enter production until this summer. But that can’t stop us from drooling over it. McLaren unveiled it at the Geneva Motor Show this month and promised it to deliver even more impressive numbers than the regular Senna.

As mentioned, those impressive numbers include 825 horsepower and over 2200 lbs of downforce, thanks to its 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 and new, improved aerodynamic design. With those kinds of numbers, you can bet this will be a purely track car. And that makes total sense.

The body is, like the standard Senna (if there is such a thing…) will be mainly carbon fiber, cutting down weight wherever possible and ensuring it can reach those near lift-off speeds. It boasts a larger active rear wing, a wider track on both the front and rear, with enlarged fenders, and the ‘pushed in’ outer skin on the doors, which helps to better channel airflow. There are also polycarbonate windows, and side pipes, and Mclaren has added a new rear clamshell with Gurney flaps, which serve to  well as Pirelli will be equipping it with custom-designed and tailored racing slicks.

On a more technical level, the Senna GTR will keep the standard’s sequential gearbox, as well as brake-assisted steering and active suspension. It will also have AP Racing carbon ceramic brakes.

So how fast will go? With it being just a concept car, McLaren has yet to actually release any specs. But with over 825 horsepower and a track-only dedication, we can only guess. In the meantime, just enjoy the pictures and start saving up.

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