Whether or not you like them, snowy days are upon us. Winter is coming, and the best thing you can do is to prepare your warm clothes and protect your health. Well, gloves are one of the essential accessories for any gentleman, and that is why we searched for the best winter gloves in 2020.

It didn’t take long to find these five contenders for the top spot. Nonetheless, we couldn’t decide who should wear the crown, so you be the judge.

Anyhow, these five winter gloves are the cream of the crop. They will protect your hands and keep them dry, no matter how freezing it gets. So, let’s take a quick look at these models.
1. Arcteryx Sabre Gloves

To start this list in style, we headed over to Arcteryx and tested one of their winter gloves. Lo and behold, the exquisite Arcteryx Sable gloves provided top-notch protection in the harshest of circumstances. On top of that, these gloves are classy and elegant.

Admittedly, the aesthetic aspect is not the priority regarding winter gloves. Yet, for those of you who are dedicated to perfecting your appearance, the Sabre Gloves might be the perfect option. Leather reinforced fingers and palms will also provide comfort and warmth at all times. Moreover, these gloves come with GORE-TEX technology that leaves all others in the cloud of dust.

In other words, Arcteryx Sabre Gloves are durable and resilient. The heavy-duty Fortius exterior is also windproof. Best of all, these gloves come equipped with Primaloft insulation. This innovative system ensures excellent breathability while keeping your fingers warm. As if that’s not enough, the adjustable wrist strap will provide a snug fit and keep the warmth inside.

In the end, we should also mention that Arcteryx Sable Gloves offer improved dexterity. Because of the seam-free fingertips, you’ll have complete control over your phone or similar devices. Believe it or not, this feature can play a massive role in day-to-day situations, but it can also be of great help while skiing or snowboarding.

2. L.L. Bean Rangeley Gloves

Now we move on to one of the heavy-hitters in the world of outdoor gear. With more than a century of experience, L.L. Bean is an iconic brand that demands respect. Their products go through excessive testing, which results in premium quality. Well, the same applies to  L.L. Bean Rangeley Gloves, which stand at the very top of the current market.

Available in two color combinations, these vintage-looking work gloves are also an excellent option for snowy days. Of course, the secret lies in using 100% deerskin leather, which is thick and durable. The leather covers the palms and fingers, while a wool/nylon blend covers the rest. Plus, L.L. Bean Rangeley comes equipped with polyester knit cuffs. This neat detail can be a game-changer when going on a snowboard ride or when cleaning your windshield in the morning.

On the inside, the Rangeley comes with a TEK2 insert and the so-called Therma-TEK insulation. In translation, a fleece-lined interior works in combination with leather to create a comfortable feeling and a snug fit. With that said, these gloves are bulky around the fingertips, which could be the only downside to the Rangeley.

Even so, these high-quality winter gloves will never leave you stranded. A pair of these gloves will provide ultimate protection, but it will also add class and elegance to your appearances.

3. Sealskinz Cold-Weather Gloves

Sealskinz is another company with a long-lasting presence in the industry. For over 25 years, this British brand has been producing outdoor accessories. For that reason, we had to include Sealskinz Cold-Weather Gloves on the list of the best winter gloves for 2020.

The crucial element of these gloves is the so-called Fusion Control technology. This bonding technique creates a hydrophilic membrane by merging three layers of fabric. As a result, the uniformed material is soft and durable.

On the inside, Sealskinz Cold-Weather Gloves have a soft and supple shell with a merino wool lining. But on the outside, premium goatskin leather will provide a touch of elegance while you are out and about. Best of all, these gloves are touchscreen compatible. They offer an unlimited range of movement, which is a vital element in today’s world.

With the help of the innovative Fusion Control technology, these gloves will keep you warm for days. On top of that, the membrane will keep your fingers dry at all times. That is why we recommend these gloves to anyone in love with skiing, cycling, or mountaineering. Numbness and blisters can be inconvenient, but they can quickly turn into something much more severe. With Sealskinz Cold-Weather Gloves, you’ll always be on the safe side.

4. Smartwool TrailRidge Sherpa Gloves

The next entry on our list is a bit different from the rest of the pack, mostly because it comes with a plush fleece Sherpa exterior. As a result, this pair of gloves provides unmatched comfort and warmth at the expense of being waterproof. Nevertheless, we feel that Smartwool TrailRidge Sherpa Gloves deserve a spot on this list, and here is why.

For instance, these gloves come equipped with a leather construction on palms and fingers. On other areas of the hand, you’ll get a high-quality blend of merino wool and polyester. As we said, the soft sherpa fleece exterior is gentle but highly warm. It will resist moisture, but it is not waterproof.

In a way, that could be the only downside of the Smartwool TrailRidge Sherpa Gloves. After all, these gloves are a low-bulk model. Thus, they offer excellent functionality and ease of use. They will keep the cold out while allowing you to scroll on the smartphone, switch gears on your bicycle, or throw a frisbee for the dog. In the end, we should also mention that Smartwool TrailRidge Sherpa Gloves come with an affordable price tag.

5. Give’r 4 Season Gloves

Last but not least, we go to the snowy slopes in Wyoming to check out a company launched back in 2011. Yes, Give’r is almost a decade old, and their products have already achieved global recognition. The same goes for the heavy-duty Give’r 4 Season Gloves, a pair that can withstand anything.

First, these gloves come with waxed cowhide leather. You can choose between three color variations, even though the chestnut scheme would be our favorite. But no matter the coloration, you will receive a pair of rugged working gloves that will offer optimal protection in the harshest of winters.

Give’r 4 Season Gloves also come with a waterproof membrane called Hipora. This technology works in combination with the proprietary Thinsulate system to keep your fingers dry and warm at all times. Also, we should mention the ribbed cuffs, which will prevent the snow from falling in.

In essence, Give’r 4 Season Gloves are proper beasts, and they will allow you to grab a burning log hassle-free. At the same time, you’ll win every snowball fight without feeling numbness in the fingertips. So, if you want unmatched protection and usability, look no further than the rugged Give’r 4 Season.