A properly-equipped bar is a necessity for every home, and that means more than just a few bottles of scotch. You need to be able to properly store, chill, open and serve drinks of all kinds, from a vintage bottle of wine to a fine bourbon. Our emphasis today is on the “open” part of line. There’s a lot of different bottle opener styles out there to pick from, each with their own unique twist and specialized purpose. Here’s a couple of cool bottle openers we’re using right now.

Chefman Wine Opener

Chefman Electric Wine Opener

Uncorking a bottle of wine can be challenging sometimes. Cheap corkscrews, broken corks, chunks of cork floating in the wine – great ways to disrupt dinner. An electric corkscrew can make life a little bit easier. The Chefman Wine Opener does it for you, cutting the foil, automatically screwing into the cork and then reversing direction to pull it right out at the press of a button. It even comes with a cool blue charging base.

Discommon Bottle Opener 2

Discommon Bottle Opener 2

This looks like your typical bottle opener at first, but quickly reveals itself to be a unique take, first with the $110 asking price and then when you realize that it involves stitching going right through metal. Yes, stitching; the tool itself is made from grade 5 titanium, a premium material for a bottle opener in itself, but features a piece of laser-cut American leather, handstitched and threaded through laser-drilled holes less than 1mm in diameter. The metal is wire cut and machined to an elegant, smooth finish.

Does it do anything a regular bottle opener doesn’t? Not really, but it might be coolest – and most expensive – one we’ve seen.

Resource Revival Bike Chain Bottle Opener

From Resource Revival, this is one of the coolest bottle openers we’ve seen, for a couple reasons – it’s legit cool, but it also does a great job repurposing old stuff (bike chains) into something useful. Cool, to say the least. If you’re an avid cyclist, we can’t really think of anything better to display on your bar or even hang from your keychain (it’s small enough).

JA Henckels Stainless Wine Ser

Zwilling JA Henckels 4-Piece Wine Tool Set

Machined from gorgeous stainless steel, this wine tool set from JA Henckels features a beautiful corkscrew with non-stick coating and rungs on the inside to create a perfect fit; a decanter with spirals for maximum aeration, and an integrated stopper; a drop ring with magnetic collar to prevent dripping on bottles of all sizes; and a foil cutter with flexible hinge. It brings some modern class to an important task.