The important of keeping your knives sharp should go without saying. Whether it’s your fancy chef’s knife or your favorite pocket knife, a sharp, properly-honed blade will cut faster, more precisely and with much less effort, and will also be a heck of a lot safer to use; you’re far more likely to cut yourself with a dull or jagged blade that snags and tears than a razor-sharp one. But, many of us really have no idea how to sharpen our knives, and end up forgetting them, leaving them for “later”, until one day we end up finding it impossible to get cut through that onion that should really be so much easier. That was our problem (we admit) until we found this super-cheap and convenient knife sharpener from KitchenIQ.

The KitchenIQ 2 Stage Knife Sharpener packs some serious sharpening convenience in a tiny package. Measuring only about 5” long and weighing a scant .48 ounces, it barely takes up any room on your countertop or in the utensil drawer but possesses the power to take your cooking game to a previously-unheard of level. No really, it can. A non-slip base paired with their Edge Grip feature ensures it stays firmly seated on the edge of the countertop while you sharpen your blades, preventing accidents and making refining those edges easy.

This sharpening magic comes courtesy of two sharpening slots. The Coarse slot on one side contains two carbide blades, which make quick work of extremely dull or even damaged blades and gets them back on track. You then refine this coarse edge with the Fine Slot, featuring ceramic rods that hone the edges to perfection, finishing and polishing it. This is also the one you’ll likely opt for when just touching up your regular everyday knives.

That’s all there is to it. (But don’t forget to wash and wipe off the blade when you’re done to remove all those fine metal shavings and particles). Your knives are now ready to go. A lot easier and cheaper than paying a professional knife sharpener for your everyday knives, and infinitely more preferable than trying to chop and dice with dull edges.

At about the price of two trips to the local coffee shop (or one trip to Starbucks…) the KitchenIQ is legitimately a no-brainer. Get one for your kitchen, and we promise you won’t regret it. (Pro tip: That’s not rust on the carbide blades, but rather brazing, which helps create the super hard edge needed for sharpening.

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