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With The Pelican DayVenture, You Can Leave the Bulky Cooler At Home

Pelican Dayventure Feature

Coolers are great and all, but they’re way too big, bulky and unwieldy for carrying around the great outdoors. And while there are some soft-sided cooler bags that can be thrown over your shoulder, they’re also often too bulky and more like a giant messenger bag than a light-and-fast piece of kit. Enter the Pelican DayVenture.

Pelican Dayventure-Sling-Cooler The DayVenture is a soft-sided cooler designed for an entirely hands-free operation. Whether you’re hauling those drinks and ice down to the local fishing hole or up the side of a mountain (hey, some of just really love cold beer). Pelican crafted it using their 840D, double-coated TPU puncture-resistant material that’s designed for the toughest of situations; a compression-molded base that gives it structure and lets it stand up when you need to reach inside and pull out a drink, and a wide-mouth zipper with waterproof seal that keeps things from getting messy as you’re hauling this bad boy around. The high-density closed-cell foam interior walls pack an insulating punch.

Best of all? You can carry it over your shoulder with ease with the padded shoulder strap. With an 8.5-liter capacity, it can hold four wine bottles, or 12 beer cans plus ice.

Pelican Dayventure-Sling-Cooler-2

So, the next time you’re packing up some drinks or food on ice for a day in the great outdoors, leave the bulky hard cooler at home and bring the DayVenture. Your arms will thank you.

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