Like Coffee? Like cars? Then Drive Coffee is exactly what you’re looking for. This brand takes some of the world’s best coffee beans, blends and coffee machines, and brands them with classic automotive themes. Which makes a ton of sense, really, seeing as how coffee (and caffeine) really can be considered the fuel to so many of our daily endeavors.

The IMOLA Blend, for example, is inspired by traditional Italian Espresso (and who doesn’t love Italian espresso?) and by the famed Italian raceway – the IMOLA. Also known as the Cathedral of Speed. So, the IMOLA BLEND is smooth, with a “wine like aftertaste,” and hints of cacao and dark cherry. And it produces a smooth, thick crema – just like espresso should.

Another blend worth trying – the Trophy Blend, named after the Camel Trophy Rallies that used to take place all over the world – namely, Africa and Indonesia. So they sourced some fine Indonesian blends and created a thick, full-bodied blend that will taste delicious as your morning cup.

But coffee blends isn’t all Drive Coffee does – they’ve also branded some sweet coffee makers, like the DBS 1 – Drive Brew System – which is based on the fantastic Technivorm Moccamaster but decked out in classic paints jobs inspired by Gulf, the McLaren M6A, or the Martini. The Drive Coffee Grinder is, similarly, a Baratza Virtuoso with auto paint job – for twice the price.

Drive Coffee is the perfect gift for an auto enthusiast with a penchant for caffeine. It’s more than just a way to fuel up in the morning, but will look fantastic decorating your car-inspired rooms as well. Grab a can and see for yourself.

Drive-Coffee-Maker-Grinder-2 Drive-Coffee-DBS-1 Drive-Coffee-Le-Mans-2 Drive-Coffee-Maker-DBS-1