Life can’t carry on without sleep. Finally a sleep aid without the “hangover” affect the next morning. NutroVape Sleep is a revolutionary new delivery system that allows your body to absorb nutrients many times faster than through ingestion. NutroVape sleep is a blend of melatonin, l-theanine, natural passionflower and natural chamomile that will help you relax and sleep soundly throughout the night – with no morning hangover. Each device has around 200 inhalations, providing you with restful nights of sleep for the weeks ahead.

How Does It Work? 

Upon inhalation a liquid mixture of melatonin mixed with l-theanine, natural chamomile and natural passionflower is atomized and released as vapor. Because the mixture is not taken into the digestive system, the effect is felt much quicker.

How Do I Use a NutroVape Device?

After taking your device out of the box, remove the protective covering cap. Inhale vapor for approximately 3 seconds and then exhale. Repeat 3-5 times before going to bed.

How Long Does Each NutroVape Device Last? 

Each NutroVape device contains around 200 inhalations, so it depends on the frequency of use and the size on the inhalations someone takes. If used nightly, a single NutroVape Sleep lasts for approximately 4 weeks.

How Often Should I Use NutroVape Sleep?

Use before bedtime or if you have trouble going back to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night.

When to Use?

NutroVape Sleep is intended for use when you are ready to relax, unwind and go to sleep. DO NOT operate heavy machinery while using NutroVape Sleep.

NutroVape is extremely portable and fits right in your pocket, it is perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Nutrovape Inhalable Sleep Aid Nutrovape Inhalable Sleep Aid