With a country as large and geographically diverse as the United States, you’re bound to find more than few awesome campsites, a few awesome places to spend the night out the great wide open under the stars. And the first place we’re going to highlight is Jumbo Rocks Campground, located in Southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park.

Joshua Tree National Park is so named after the thousands upon thousands of the eponymous Joshua Trees that dot the edge of the Mojave Desert, where the park is located. The park contains some of the most gorgeous, diverse desert landscapes you’ll find in the country, ranging from sand dunes to miles upon miles of rolling rock.

Which is what makes the Jumbo Rocks Campground so great. Located at 4,400 feet in elevation, the campsite is nestled next to some of the coolest rock formations and climbing spots in the park. There are 124 individual campsites, pit toilets, but no water (This is the desert. Bring your own.) There’s also access to the Skull Rock Nature Trail, and you’re only a short trip from some of the park’s best climbing, like Conan’s Corridor and Sky Ring Rock.

Once you’ve exhausted yourself climbing by day, return to the campsite and enjoy a relaxing night under the beautiful clear, desert sky. But if you’re interested, plan ahead – Joshua Tree is a popular park, and fills up quickly.