We’ve seen quite a few minimalist wallets here at Gear for Life. But we’ve rarely if ever, seen anything as simple and minimal as the Cardamon Wallet 1. Designed by a former Arc’teryx designer, the Cardamon took three years to create and perfect; they wasted no effort and ignored no detail in getting it right.

The result of those three years is an incredibly simple, streamlined rendition of the billfold, cut from a single piece of fabric. Using a single piece of fabric allows for minimal stitching, fewer moving parts, and as little bulk as possible; it’s ultra-slim and unobtrusive but has enough room for 8 cards and a few bills.

The special fabric the wallet’s creators settled on is Meridian Shell, an ultra-dense, 300D nylon-polyester, weave that is waterproof, stainproof and extremely tough, and abrasion-resistant, developed solely for this wallet by Cardamon. They’ve backed it up with a Lifetime Warranty, too.

So if you’d like an extremely minimalist wallet with its own unique taste, the Cardamon Wallet is a solid, stylish choice.

Cardamon Wallet 1 Features/Specs
  • Minimal, sleek, slim billfold wallet
  • Made from Meridian Shell, Cardamon’s proprietary fabric; 300D nylon-polyester fabric
  • Waterproof, stain-proof, abrasion-resistant
  • Holds eight cards, four on each side, as well as several bills
  • Minimal stitching and bulk
  • Covered by Cardamon’s lifetime warranty
  • 3.03” x 3.78” x 0.14”
  • 3.5 mm – 10 mm thick
cardamon_wallet_fold cardamon_wallet_front cardamon_wallet_slim cardamon_wallet_bifold cardamon_wallet_use