Hammock camping is cool, but you know what is even cooler? A hammock backpack. And the HackedPack takes that to a whole new level, by literally integrating the hammock right into the backpack.

The HackedPack consists of a durable 25L backpack made of nylon, triple-stitched and capable of holding 500 pounds. That’s more than you’ll ever be carrying around, at least humanly. The carabiners alone are rated to 22 kn. There are 16 internal compartments for stashing and organizing all your gear. 25l is the perfect size for a dayhike, or a quick, overnight backpacking trip where you don’t need a lot of gear.

The hammock itself is made of classic parachute nylon, 9 feet in length, double-wide at 5 feet in width, and also made with triple-reinforced seams. The woven nylon tree straps secure it sturdily to the tree. All you have to do is pull the hammock out from the bottom of the bag, tie the straps up to the tree like any other hammock, and start enjoying. A rain fly is included in case of storms.

The HackedPack isn’t the most technical backpack, nor is it intended for long backpacking trips. But if you just want to head out into the woods for an afternoon or quick overnight trip this weekend, and want to bring an easy-to-use hammock to relax on, the HackedPack will get it done – for a lot less than most other camping hammocks, or bags. Combine the two together into a hammock backpack, and the HackedPack is quite the deal.

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