What’s the James Brand, you ask? We’re not sure if the name is supposed to sound something like James Bond or not, but we do know that they are a group of adventurers from Portland who, a few years ago, started designing knives that fulfill their search for something modern, slim, and functional. They have a few EDC-ready knives at different price points, but if we’re looking at one, it’s their first invention, the Chapter Knife.

In their own words, this is the knife they wanted to carry everyday, and you can’t really argue with that. In essence, the Chapter knife is a tried-and-true single blade folder knife. But just by looking at it, you can tell it’s so much more.

It’s built on a titanium frame-lock, which keeps moving parts down to a minimum. The less moving parts a tool has, the less likely it is to break down on you at important times. The blade is a 416 semi-stainless-steel drop point, clocking in at 2.81”, and resists corrosion.

The appearance is decidedly modern, and even with the bright green thumb knob, is decidedly, smooth, sleek and low-profile; no frills whatsoever. The pocket clip fastens it securely to your pants, at the ready. In other words, it looks just as good as it functions, and looks built to last for years to come.

James Brand Chapter Knife Features

  • Titanium Frame Lock Handle
  • Stainless Steel, Drop Point Blade
  • Removable Pocket Clip
  • Blade: 2.81”
  • Overall Length: 3.8”
james_brand_chapter_knife_pocket james_brand_chapter_knife james_brand_chapter james_brand_chapter_knife_open