RAINS is a Danish company, taking the best of minimalist Danish design and melding it with classic rain gear. In fact, rain is really all they do – hence the name. Their first inspiration was the tried-and-true rubber raincoat, and they’ve since gone on to create a full line of hi-tech, sleek but classically-inspired bags, outerwear and accessories. The RAINS Jacket (like how simple that name is?) is based on those old rubber raincoats you grew up wearing (or did you?) but has been brought into the 21st century.

Instead of heavy rubber, it is now made of a lightweight 50% polyurethane, 50% polyester rubber, that is water-resistant without weighing you down. Fabric column pressure is rated to 4000mm. The fabric finish is a smooth matte, and the overall look is understated, but stylish and shapely.

On the front are double-welded slanting pocket flaps, that are plenty roomy for storage, and pretty easy to slide your hands in and out of. The front placket has snap buttons, and the back has a cool fishtail. The cuffs are adjustable, as is the hood, which is also designed to function as more of a hat than a bulky hood; it fits comfortably on your head without flopping around or getting in your eyes.

Lastly, RAINS has constructed the RAINS Jacket with ultrasonically welded seams – a process in which high-frequency, ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are applied to the materials (usually plastic), which are being held together under great pressure. This makes for an ultra-tight, strong connection with no connective materials, AKA stitches. As a result, the seams are as waterproof as they can possibly be, and we’d wager no moisture will make its way through. Oh, and it comes with a sweet lighthouse emblem printed on it.

Interesting? The RAINS Jacket comes in Medium and Long lengths, you can snag one on Amazon for less than retail. Stay Dry.

RAINS_Jacket_Tan-Front_1 RAINS_Jacket_Tan-Front_2 RAINS_Jacket_Tan-Front_3 RAINS_Jacket_Tan-Front_4 RAINS_Jacket_White_Front_5 RAINS_Jacket_Long-Back