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The Kopis STK LT is One of the Coolest MultiTools We’ve Ever Seen

Kopis STK LT

There’s no shortage of handy, versatile, bombproof multitools out there, ranging from the conventional to the surprisingly creative. Whatever design they have, they all manage to pack the essentials tool and blades needed for everyday tasks, and in many cases, to drag yourself out of all kinds of hairy situations. This year, we’re looking at the Kopis STK LT, one of the most compact, integrated and durale multitools we’ve ever gotten our hands on.

The STK LT is the newer rendition of the original Kopis STK; that stands for Sliding Tool and Knife. Crafted from 6AL4V Titanium, it looks more like a compact money clip than a knife. And in fact, it’ll function as one, too with a titanium pocket clip on the side that is waterjet cut.

But slide it open, and you’ve got a premium, sharp blade made of 3/16″ Premium S35VN Steel, with two cutting edges; one is designed for most cutting jobs and contains a wire stripper notch, while the other is designed for scraping and push cuts. An unusual touch is the 90-degree corner, which helps with slicing. The 45-degree angled edge serves as both a prybar and a flathead, while the center slot is a wingnut and valve wrench. A bit driver and bottle opener are also carved in.

Slide it shut, and this is a tough, compact tool that you goes in your pocket, on your belt or even strapped to MOLLE webbing on your pack. The titanium build is lightweight but solid, and we think it’ll serve you well for years to come for accomplishing all manner of tasks. Maybe it’ll even save your life once or twice.

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