Personalized Performance – Engineered to Perform – Defined Style – Proven Reliability – Handcrafted – Purpose Built. Timeless Kustoms Custom Cars are truly works of art. Jason Pecikonis has taken his life-long passion for muscle cars and hotrods and designed super-personalized, highly engineered, high-performance automobiles. His creations have shown up in feature articles in many automotive magazines including Hot Rod, Street Rodder, Chevy High Performance, Super Chevy, Vette, American Muscle, Car Craft, Muscle Mustangs, and many others.

Cameros, Chevelle, Corvettes, Impalas, Mustangs, etc. Timeless Kustoms will create a custom that will have heads turn as you drive down the road.

What Can You Expect From Timeless Kustoms Custom Cars?

  • Personalized Performance
    • Timeless Kustoms engineers vehicles that are much more than skin deep. Ultra-high performance cars fabricated from the chassis-up to deliver the most powerful expressions of automotive innovation.
  • Engineered to Perform
    • Cars start from a single belief that custom built vehicles should perform the way you want them to, when you want them to. From daily commutes to heavy track days, performance is more than just power…it’s the power to use the car to its fullest.
    • Unparalleled torsional rigidity. 50/50 weight distribution. Breathtaking acceleration. Incredible braking. Smooth, predictable handling. Agility and strength fused together in total harmony.
    • The culmination of this is a balanced, responsive machine, ready to tear up the track; to carve the canyons; or just to make the drive to work that much more enjoyable. That’s Timeless Kustoms performance.
  • Defined Style
    • A car should look as good as it performs. But good looks are one thing, great style is something else entirely. Here, the details matter.
    • The Timeless Kustoms approach to style is a focus on the design and fabrication of a totally refined vehicle with proportion and balance, yet one dripping with visceral presence and powerful attitude.
    • Razor-sharp body lines. Tight tolerances. World-class finishes. Our aim is always a car that looks amazing at distance… and that much better at close range.
  • Proven Reliability
    • The point of a custom car is to drive. Not to fix, just to drive. Timeless Kustoms put as much attention into the reliability of our cars as we do into the performance.
    • From modern high-performance, high-efficiency fuel-injected motors; to the finest suspension and braking systems. Fully modern electrical. A car that looks hot, but runs cool. So you can, too.
  • Handcrafted. Purpose Built
    • Every detail has a reason, a purpose. To give our clients the most highly personalized example of vehicle ownership imaginable. Each cars is different, unique. Every facet selected with care to enhance the purity of the final product.
    • But in one way our cars are exactly the same: We put everything we have into each one, so their owners can get everything they want out of owning them.
    • That’s what Timeless Kustoms stands for.


Timeless Kustoms Custom Cars Timeless Kustoms Custom Cars