A camping table usually isn’t the first thing you think of when packing up for a weekend in the woods, but sometimes…it’s exactly what you need. The Helinox Table One Hard Top is a foldable, pack-able camping table with a hard top, so you can a nice, flat, even surface for cooking, chopping, or playing cards. Even writing – we’re partial to being inspired by nature. Whatever you normally need a flat table top for, this one will help you do it.

The legs use a single-shock corded construction, similar to what you’ll find in a tent-pole , with DAC Pressfit poles. And the tabletop itself is a hard, taut Polyester 600D, 29.9 x 22.4 inches wide that provides an amply large, tight surface. Large enough for all those things you need it for, but super simple and easy to pack down into its storage bag, which features a zipper closure and grab handles for easy maneuvering.

The Table One Hard Top weighs 3.5 pounds, so if you’re looking to go ultralight, you’ll probably want to leave it behind. But it’s a comfortable way to bring your camping trips to the next level of comfort otherwise. And it makes an excellent companion for rafting and canoe trips too, where you’ve got a bit more room and weight to play with. Helinox knows a thing or two about making superlight camping chairs and equipment that holds up to anything, so we’re confident their table will be a worthwhile addition to your kit.

Helinox Table One Top Helinox Table One Hard Top-2 Helinox Table One Hard Top