When you’re pedaling hard and fast – whether on the road or off – you want a backpack that carries all the essentials – mainly water – and nothing unnecessary. The Thule Vital Hydration pack does just that. With only 3 liters of space, there’s just enough for stashing some tools, snacks and a rain jacket, without weighing yourself down with unneeded stuff. An interior zipped pocket provides a safe place for stashing all your valuables, and accessing your gear is easy, and you don’t even have to remove the pack from your back, thanks to the jersey-style pockets that let you reach right in. If you’re particularly nimble, you don’t even have to stop the bike.

Thule says that the low-center of gravity helps reduce muscle strain and “improve bike handling, “the sternum strap keeps it firm and stable, and the mesh ventilation ensures you stay cool and comfortable on those tough uphill’s.

And since we can’t forget the most important part – hydration – the Thule Vital accommodates Thule’s 1.75l Hydrapak reservoir. If you’d like to stay light and fast on your bike as you tackle those steep inclines and then speed downhill, bringing nothing but the essentials with you, the Thule Vital has your back. Comes in 6 and 8 liter options for those who want a bit more room.

Thule-Vital-Hydration-Pack-2 Thule-Vital-Hydration-Pack-6 Thule-Vital-Hydration-Pack-5 Thule-Vital-Hydration-Pack-4 Thule-Vital-Hydration-Pack-3 Thule-Vital-Hydration-Pack-3