While we love old-school cool, we’re also fans of something unique, whether that’s a crazy new backpack design or just a fresh take on a classic pocketknife. For that reason, the G-Fusion 8” Chef’s Knife from New West Knifeworks is now one of our favorites. The makers of this bad boy claim to have designed it for people who find a regular chef’s knife a bit hard to use, and so they focused on creating an elegant and nimble piece that feels wieldy in your hand.

The blade is made from Crucible CPM S35VN High Carbon Steel, which means it’s light, sharp, and tough, in addition to being a mouthful to say. It has a strong taper, with a thick tang in front of the blade to keep you from pinching your fingers, but paired with an ultra-thin grind for effortless, sharp cutting that goes right through anything.

Topping off the ensemble is a long, elegant ergonomic handle, made from their G-Fusion material. G-Fusion mixes layers of fiberglass and cloth-epoxy to create G10 sheets, which are cut and polished to create multi-layered, practically bulletproof handles that perform as good as they look. Bonus points: everything is handmade right here in the USA, which only helps justify the expensive price tag the G-Fusion Chef’s knife carries.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen and your chef’s game, you could do a lot worse than one of these knives. Grab one and see for yourself.

G-Fusion Chef's Knife-3 G-Fusion Chef's Knife-2 G-Fusion Chef's Knife