Credit cards and cash get wallets, money clips and wallet sleeves, allowing you to carry them around comfortably and easily. But what do poor coins get? Usually nothing. They’re just left to be thrown in your pocket, where they smash and jangle around loudly and uncomfortably. At least, until now. Dango’s Coin Capsule bring an inventive, convenient solution to that problem.


A coin capsule is one those things where you just have to ask…”Why didn’t I have one of these before?”

This tiny, machined-aluminum accessory holds 16 quarters, 10 dimes, 7 nickels and 9 pennies – for a grand total of $5.44 – behind a twist top. When you need a coin, just twist and slide out.

The Coin Capsule is 100% Made in America from 6061 aerospace grade aluminum and comes in both anodized jet black and satin silver. A stainless-steel clip allows you to securely fasten it to your pocket. There’s also a lanyard hole (or tether hole), where you can securely hook up the cobra-weave 550 paracord tether for dangling safely from your pocket. This tether is only 6” long when wound…but unwinds to a lengthy 10 feet for plenty of reach.


For EDC enthusiasts and those who just can’t stand the unsightly and loud awkwardness of coins…we think it’s the real deal. Use this Coin Capsule along with one of Dango’s top-notch EDC wallets for a foolproof EDC kit.