When LAPolice Gear unveiled their TBFK S35VN last year, knife enthusiasts were thrilled at its incredible value: $35 bucks for an S35VN folding blade? While not strictly impossible, that’s practically unheard of. Just how good could it actually be?

The verdict has been out for a while, and it turns out – pretty dang good. The TBFK S35VN is a solid little knife that feels reliable and hefty in your hand, while only weighing a total of 5 ounces, with a 3.5” blade. The handle is a contoured and grippy black G10, and the blade is the S35VN steel, from Crucible. (S35VN steel is designed to withstand up to 4 times the wear other steels can, without needing as much sharpening).  It’s cut with a plain edge drop point, and swings open with a ball bearing joint; you can flick the knife open via thumb stud or flipper, and it keeps closed with a liner lock.

At 8” when open, it may be a bit long for a folding knife, but it’s still slim enough to fit into your pocket comfortably. And at this ridiculously low a price, how can you really complain, anyway? It’s impossible to find an SV35N blade at such as a low price anywhere else, but somehow LAPG delivers – without sacrificing quality. The TBFK makes an excellent addition to any EDC at about a third of what it should cost – making any design flaws it may show, essentially null and void.

Grab one for yourself and let us know how you like it.