Dango’s EDC wallets range are not only high-tech and durable. They’re also ludicrously good-looking. Their new P02 Pioneer – the sequel to the well-liked and extremely versatile P01 – looks like the best they’ve ever made, combining the best in on-the-go versatility with epic modern design and aesthetics, as well as durable construction.

Customizable Strapped or Strapless Carry

Dango P02 Pioneer Wallet

The versatility and flair behind the Dango begins with the shoulder strap. If having a shoulder strap on your wallet disturbs you, you’re not alone. But putting a durable nylon Cordura strap on this bad boy opens up a whole world of options….allowing you to carry it either over your shoulder or tethered to your bag. You can also just stash it in your pocket like a regular wallet. It detaches in seconds and stows away.

Durable Build + RFID Protection

“Durable build” might seem a given, coming from Dango, so we won’t make a big deal of the fact that P02 is made of durable, water-resistant DTEX material (a tough, textured nylon). The textured surface means it has some grip and doesn’t slide out of your fingers. And it’s equipped with an RFID-blocking layer preventing digital thieves from swiping your valuable info (like credit card numbers or ID codes).


Tons of EDC Storage

Of course, cool materials and fancy features don’t do anything if the wallet can’t hold your essentials. The Dango delivers there, too; it has room for passport(s), cash, checkbooks, keys and cards, can fit a notebook and pen if you like to EDC those…and can even fit a small smartphone (iPhone 6 and older likely). And thanks to the special “through-the-hole” design it uses, you can pull your pen in and out with the wallet both closed or open. And to round out the versatile package, Dango made the clasp a special aluminum multitool with screwdriver, bottle opener and more.