It’s snowshoe season. While any old snowshoes can take you out for some nice short hikes in the woods,  few can handle really deep snow and really rugged terrain. But the Crescent Moon Gold 10 can.

Built for adventurers with large feet, these sleek, lightweight snowshoes are made of TIG–welded aircraft-grade aluminum and PVC-free PU on the frame, which cut down on weight without sacrificing any durability. The traction is stainless steel, with three claws, and incorporates a toe claw and extra traversing claws, giving traction in every direction, and make walking on steep, sideways surfaces and slopes easy.

The teardrop shape, longer and slenderer than most showshoes, is more natural and doesn’t hinger your natural step quite as much and keeps the snowshoes from smacking into each other. They also feature polymer gel straps that won’t freeze in frigid weather, and Single Pull Loop binding, which envelop the entire foot, and can be cinched to a tight, comfortable fit with a single pull. Easy. The bindings expand to fit almost any boot size, up to size 15. Good for those of us with large feet, as we have a hard enough time finding good boots as it is.

The Crescent Moon 10 Gold are meant for deep snow, rugged terrain, and heavy loads. They can hold up to 225 pounds without batting eye, and do well on icy, rugged slopes of all kinds. They’re made in Boulder, CO with recycled materials, too. They’re also pretty affordable; not the cheapest, but definitely not the most expensive of snowshoes. But they’re easily some of the most natural, we’ve tried out. That’s probably they’re constantly being named some of the best snowshoes by all the experts.