We love cowboy boots. Nothing quite like sliding on a pair of cowboys to look and feel purely rugged. But we don’t always like the high prices that so often accompany them. Neither did the folks at Tecovas, which is why they set out to create their own beautiful, handmade cowboy boots at rock-bottom prices.

Rock bottom prices being relative, of course. A pair of Earls, their cheapest boots, will cost you about $225, which is still nothing to scoff at. The Earls are a pair of calfskin ropers, plain and lacking in ornate detail, but rugged and sleek enough to have a wide appeal. If you’d like some more flair, opt for the Cartwright – a classic cowboy boot, with an angled heel, hand corded decoration on the shaft, and stitching on the toe.

All of Tecovas’ boots are made of real, high-quality full-grain leather, and put together in Leon, Mexico, by a bootmaker that has been making cowboy boots for generations. Everything is hand-colored and hand-stitched, and all the boots use a Goodyear welt, which ensures the highest-quality stitching, and enables them to be resoled and repaired for decades to come.

Midsoles are made of hand-hammered lemonwood pegs, which have traditionally used on cowboy boots for decades – if not centuries. Even the stacked leather heels are handmade.

Tecovas claims that their boots are the most comfortable, the highest-quality, and the best-priced boots on the market. They are definitely some of the most beautiful boots we’ve seen for this price. Slide a pair of these on and we bet you’ll just feel the heritage of the American West. That’s what a pair of cowboy boots is all about, isn’t it?

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