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Columbia Canuck Titanium Outdry Extreme Boots: Stay Warm down to -65

columbia canuck titanium outdry extreme boots white

Columbia just released their most technical, ready-for-anything shell, and they’ve complemented with some new, all-purpose winter boots, equipped for serious winter weather. The Columbia Canuck Omni-Heat Outdry Extreme boots may weigh in at only 21.7 ounces a boot, but they are rated for weather down to -65 degrees Fahrenheit.

These hardy boots Columbia’s proprietary Outdry Extreme waterproof membrane, which combines the ultimate in both keeping water out and letting moisture (aka sweat) evaporate. What makes Outdry Extreme so good is that it is actually on the outside of the boot itself; instead of letting water get through the outer layer before hitting a waterproof barrier, it just prevents water from ever soaking through in the first place. It just beads up and rolls right off. This also keeps your feet warmer, as a water-logged boot will stay cold, whether or not your feet are actually wet.

The bottom of the boot has soles made of Michelin Winter Ice Control, a rubber compound used to make tires. Michelin knows a thing or two about traction in snowy, icy conditions, and so we can imagine these boots will keep your feet firmly planted. The special rubber compound stays soft and flexible at conditions well below zero, keeping grip on even the most slippery of surfaces.

Inside the boot is both Omni-Heat Reflective lining, bouncing heat right back at you, and 600g of insulation. The result is a pair of toasty warm boots that is rated to keep your feet warm down to -65 degrees. Add some Techlite cushioning in the midsole, as well as EVA foam padding , and you have some seriously comfortable boots. So if you’re heading into some extremely cold, conditions or just like to be ready for anything, the Columbia Canuck Titanium’s are the boots you should be reaching for.

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