The Nikon Coolpix P1000 is one insane camera with insane zoom: about 125x. For what is essentially a fixed-lens camera the size of a large DSLR, to say that is impressive would be an understatement. The lens extends to a crazy 3000mm, allowing you to zoom in on virtually any surface – such as the moon. Throw in Nikon’s Dynamic Fine Zoom, and you can (digitally) extend that zoom to an insane 250x – equivalent to 6000 mm. That makes it the most powerful lens to ever adorn a Coolpix, and a huge deal considering the camera’s $1000 price tag.

Lens aside, the camera itself is powerful, shooting 4k video, as well as RAW, timelapse, Superlapse and a whole ton of other cool modes. It has a 16MP CMOS sensor, and ISO up to 6400 for shooting in low light. It can focus as close as 1 foot away, and the 3000mm lens has a max aperture of F2.8. A 3.2” LCD makes it easy to shoot video on the go, while the 2.36 million dot viewfinder is there for pulling off those precise photos. There’s all the other traditional exposure controls and photography modes, as well – including specialized Bird and Moon modes that take advantage of the lens’ insane zoom capabilities. WiFi makes sharing images and uploading them easy, and Nikon SnapBridge allows you to send them directly to your phone or iPad for editing.

Again, the real draw here is the massive 3000mm lens. Factor in the totally-reasonable price tag and the Coolpix P1000 is a steal of a camera. Whether for macro, landscapes or shots of the moon, this camera will serve you well.

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