So let’s say you’re one of the few out there who still values tangible items over digital copies, and just can’t live without actually holding a paper and ink version of all your photos in your hand. There’s more of us than you think. Turns out Canon has kept us in mind and released the Canon IVY, a mini photo printer that is entirely wireless and prints photos on the go. IVY is about the size of your hand, and weighs about 5.6 ounces, making it super easy to slip into your pocket and carry around with you wherever you go.

IVY is entirely wireless and works via Bluetooth 4.0, connecting to your phone or tablet in seconds via the Canon Mini Print app. The app lets you do all sorts of creative things, such as adding creative filters, photo frames, stickers, emojis – just about anything you see fit.

The printer uses ZINK Technology, which is what Canon calls their Zero Ink technology; instead of printing with regular ink, the printer actually uses colorful dye-based crystals that come embedded into the special paper. These crystals are activated by heat and are clear before being activated; once heat is applied via the printer, they take on the lively, crisp colors of your images. Sounds very technologically impressive for a device that fits in your hand….and it can print each image in about 50 seconds.

ZINK technology allows the pictures to be entirely water-resistant and smudge-free, as there is literally no ink to run off. The printer prints 2”x 3” photos at 314 x 400 dpi.

Will you be printing any super hi-res posters with this bad boy? Nope. But if you’d like to print some fun photos from your phone at the push of a button, Canon IVY is cheap and easy-to-use.