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The Boker MultiPurpose Pen: The Ultimate EDC Pen

Boker MultiPurpose Pen EDC Pen

A good pocket notebook is ideal for jotting down your ideas when inspiration hits on the go, and if one accompanies you everywhere you go, it’s time to invest in a high-quality EDC pen to go with it.

Like the MultiPurpose Pen from Boker, a titanium EDC pen that does a little more than put ink to paper. Besides looking cool with its flamed titanium finish, the magnetic end can be used as a stylus for tablets and smartphones. The tip is capable of breaking through glass in an emergency. Should your find yourself in a jam, it is also designed to double as a kubotan for self-defense. A sturdy pocket clip, attached to the cap, keeps it securely within arm’s reach for use at a moment’s notice, and its titanium construction means it won’t weigh you down and is completely hypo-allergenic (should you, you know, be allergic to other kinds of pens).

The MPP also comes in plain silver titanium and – should the $95 price tag be too steep for your wallet – a less expensive aluminum version.

Boker Plus MultiPurpose EDC Pen Specs

  • Length: 5.91″
  • Cap Diameter: 0.55″ / 13.9mm
  • Heated Titanium Build
  • Weight: 2 oz.
  • Ink Cartridge: Fisher SPR4
  • Ink Color: Black

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