What’s to like about Ravin R20 Crossbow:

  • Up to 430 FPS
  • Advanced HeliCoil technology
  • 164 pounds of kinetic energy
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Comes fully assembled

Archery season is upon us, so it’s best to be prepared. And what better way to get ready than to buy a crossbow that provides devastating precision and easy handling?


Well, we’ve got the perfect thing for your needs, and the award-winning Ravin R20 Crossbow is among the best crossbows in 2020. It combines eye-catching design with innovative features. As a result, this device can hit the mark accurately and react in a flash when the game is on the move. So, let’s take a look at the characteristics of the Ravin R20.

Efficient configuration

Like all Ravin crossbows, the R20 also comes with the revolutionary HeliCoil technology. This innovative system provides plenty of power while keeping the device dead-quiet. To be precise, the configuration relies on a spiral movement that reacts in a flash. Plus, the R20 comes equipped with level cams that can rotate 340 degrees. Thus, there are no overlapping cables when shooting arrows from this crossbow.

As a result, Ravin R20 can create up to 430 FPS and around 164 pounds of kinetic energy. A few models on the market can go over 400 FPS, and R20 exceeds these limits with ease.

Well-balanced body

With its predator camouflage and compact shape, the R20 could fool you into thinking that you are dealing with a toy. But make no such mistake, cause this is a lethal piece of hunting gear. It comes with an illuminated 1.5-5x32mm scope that will allow you to keep track of the target 100 yards away.

All the while, this compact crossbow will feel excellent in the hands. Ravin R20 weighs only 7 pounds, which is below average. Also, it has a textured pistol grip and perfectly balanced body. On top of that, the overall length of this hunting machine is 34 inches.

Convenience and ease of use

Although it provides unmatched precision and penetrating power, the R20 is highly functional as well. In other words, even novice hunters will quickly grasp the basics of shooting with Ravin R20.

This crossbow package comes with a set of useful elements, such as a removable cocking handle, a quiver, and three branded arrows. Most importantly, the R20 has a safety switch design. To prepare for shooting, you will need to use the versa-draw cocking mechanism and place the arrows in the built-in sling mounts.

Should you buy it?

High-end crossbows are not toys, and you should never treat them as such. But if you handle them with caution, these high-performance devices can provide plenty of fun. The same goes for Ravin R20, one of the best crossbows on the market.

This model is jam-packed with features that separate it from the rest. Ravin is a brand with experience in the business, and R20 is a piece of bowhunting equipment that will be tough to beat. So, what more do you need?