If you missed the fact that Patagonia sells camping food, we’ll give you a pass; most people aren’t aware that Patagonia Provisions was launched in 2012, and the line of camping provision and now everyday food seems to keep flying under the radar, at least in comparison to Patagonia’s many outdoor clothing options. But it turns out their line of organic, “sustainably-sourced” food is delicious, and prime for both camping trips and everyday eating.

From shelf-stable wild-caught salmon that doesn’t need to be refrigerated, to powdered chili mixes and even their Long Root Rale, Patagonia Provisions makes some wicked-good, totally packable foods that you should try out and consider stocking up your mess kit (and maybe even your pantry) with.

The Provisions division is located in Northern California and is focused on one thing and one thing only: sourcing, creating and supplying some of the finest, healthiest and most sustainably-sourced food available, packaging it as conveniently as possible for both hiking and camping and eating at home, when cooking isn’t on the menu.

Their food is a good chunk more expensive than most brands, but when freshness, quality, and taste are considered – it’s not too hard to see why. You can order it online or pick it up at Patagonia’s many retail locations around the country.

Want to try some out for yourself? Here are some of our favorite selections from Patagonia Provisions.


Original Buffalo Jerky

Jerky is a hiking staple, and every good day tripper and backpacker will have a stash in their pack for gnawing on throughout the day. It’s also a great snack to have stockpiled in the kitchen or stashed in the glovebox. Patagonia’s Original Buffalo Jerky is some of the best we’ve had. It’s 100% free-range and grass-fed buffalo, raised right in their natural habitat of the Great Plains, and given a hearty dose of classic beef jerky seasoning. Great for bringing on a multi-day backpacking trip or just snacking on at the desk.


Patagonia Provisions Original Organic Red Bean Chili

Dried soups aren’t usually known for their excellent flavor or their nutrition, but Patagonia Provision’s organic chili isn’t your typical dried soup; with organic red beans, pinto beans, tomatoes, carrots, and peppers, it packs a respectable 14 grams of protein in every serving, and is the perfect dish to fill up on after a taxing day on the trail or in the cold; just add it to two cups of boiling water and you’ve got a couple servings of some of the spiciest, most-flavorful chili we’ve ever had. Really.


Organic Inca Berry + Almond Bars

No, we didn’t know what an Inca Berry was before this, either, but that doesn’t mean we think they taste any less delicious. These bars pack the perfect balance of inca berry, apricot and almond to create a sweet-but-natural taste and perfectly-chewy texture, with baobob and chia tossed in for good measure (and nutrition). Patagonia Provision’s other fruit and nut bars were dang good, too, but these take the cake. Be sure to check out some of their other flavors, while you’re at it.


Wild Sockeye Salmon Lemon Pepper

This is, to be fair, some of the most expensive salmon we’ve ever seen, but it tastes so much better than your typical canned salmon; wild-caught North Pacific salmon from the Situk River in Alaska, fully-cooked and seasoned with onion, spices, lemon and pepper, and then packaged in fresh olive oil. It just doesn’t get much better, and it comes sealed in a pouch, so you don’t have to lug empty cans on the rest of your backpacking trek. You can eat it as-is or toss the pouch into hot water for a warm meal around the campfire. High in protein, too.


Classic Barbecue Savory Seeds

As much as we love jerky – and we really do – it’s sometimes nice to have something else to snack on. This Savory Seeds will do the trick; a mix of roasted lentils, buckwheat, hemp seeds and classic sunflower seeds, all seasoned with a traditional spicy barbecue flavor. Nutritious, tasty, super easy to take with you anywhere and snack on – we highly recommend grabbing a few packs of these.


Organic Creamy Banana Breakfast Grains

Oatmeal is a great way to start any morning, whether before heading out the door for work or to kick yourself into gear before hitting the trail. Provision’s Breakfast Grains are like oatmeal on steroids; toasted buckwheat kasha, barley, rolled oats, flax seed and dried banana slices, flavored with sweet vanilla; it almost tastes more like dessert than breakfast. Add 2 cups of boiling water and 10 minutes of waiting to the pack, and breakfast is ready.

Patagonia Provisions Long Root Ale

Patagonia doesn’t have their own brewery, so they had to team up with Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland to brew this beer; the partnership paid off. Long Root Ale is a pale ale, with a classic light amber color, slight citrus taste, and dry malt finish. But it does set itself apart, as the world’s first beer to be brewed with Kernza – a “perennial grain crop” grown using “regenerative agriculture practice.” (No, we’re entirely sure what goes into something like that., but it does require less water to grow than most grains) Throw in organic Mosaic, Chinook and Crystal hops, and you’ve got a fresh, refreshing and relaxing brew that’s sure to satisfy beer lovers and farm-fanatics alike.