Sendero Provisions Co. has an extensive hat collection, so choosing one can be tough. We’ve made a list of our top picks, and we’re sure you’ll love them too! This brand stands for cultural preservation, conservation, land protection, and more – a brand we stand by 100%!

Our Sendero Provisions Co. Favorites:

After much deliberation, the following are our top picks, based on our personal tastes and some customer reviews.

These hats are ready for shipping – and if that’s not a sure sign that you need to buy one now, then we don’t know what is.

1. Jackalope Hat

The white Jackalope Hat is both cool and groovy. It sports a screen-printed design of a Jackalope (a fluffy antelope rabbit), which is totally a real thing – just try not to come into contact with one (they’re less cute than they sound). The Jackalope has a cotton twill and a contrasting under visor. Everything about this hat is amazing. The design and print are both killer, and we love them! And, of course, it has the classic Sendero Provisions label and agave tags.

2. Bird In the Hand Hat

A classic black hat is exactly what everyone needs, and you can’t go wrong with the Bird In The Hand Hat. This Sendero Provisions design is clean and simple.

The hat sports a woven label patch that says, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” with a super cool graphic in white and gold. It has an easy curve visor and is an ultimate classic. This item is one of our favorites because it works with anything and for anything.

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3. All Hat No Cattle

This cap is the perfect blend of cream and navy blue, suitable for every occasion, and has a stylish patch that will impress everyone – including the fashion police. Take a look at this hat, and you’ll understand.

The All Hat No Cattle sports a sweet embroidered patch and an easy curve visor for style, practicality, and comfort. This hat is groovy like a drive-in movie, and in the words of Sendero Provisions Co: “I saw a young cowboy, wearing a cowboy hat. Wearing a cowboy hat, with no cattle he strayed ♫”. It doesn’t make sense… but that’s the beauty of it. Get one of these hats in your shopping cart today – it hasn’t had hundreds of good reviews for nothing.

4. Bison Hat

The Bison Hat is a Sendero Provisions Co. classic. I look at this hat and think, “take all of my money!”. This snapback includes a woven label patch with the classic Sendero labels, and it is country, class, and awesome-ness in a hat!

It is made from a chocolate brown waxed cotton canvas with an easy curve visor and a killer Bison skull to create the ultimate image of “cool dude”. It is available for shipping, and we are not sure why you haven’t jumped to the online store to buy this already!

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5. Ferdinand Hat

The Ferdinand Hat is super chilled, and that’s just why we love it. We simply had to add it to our list of favorites. It looks good, is laid-back, and brings those good vibes. The hat is made from quick dry nylon and has an easy curve visor, making it both comfortable and groovy.

It also boasts an embroidered classic Sendereo logo in off-white and orange, creating a great contrast with a navy blue color. We love it, and we know that you’ll love it too! You can get your hands on it simply by creating a Sendero Provisions account and clicking that “ship” button. We’re 100% sure that you’ll agree with us: this is one of those hats worth every penny, and once you take it out the box, it’ll never leave your head.

We are all about those chilled-out, mellow vibes, and that’s precisely what the Ferdinand Hat is all about!

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6. Logo Hat

You cannot have a list of the best Sendero Provisions hats without including THE hat. The Logo Hat is the ultimate, number one Sendero Provisions Co. hat – this brown corduroy classic should be on everyone’s list.

The Logo Hat is the epitome of the Sendero Provisions Co. image, and that’s what it is all about! The Logo Hat has a paracord braided rope running along the front on the base and an embroidered design of the classic Sendero Provisions logo.

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7. Mountainscape Hat

Everyone loves a bit of corduroy. It’s cool, retro, and stylish (and more than worth the money). The Mountain Scape Hat lives up to the adventure of Sendero Provisions Co. and comes in a groovy blue vintage corduroy.

Legend has it that the minute you put this snapback on your head, you’ll wish you were standing and staring at your favorite mountain range. Just throw this bad boy on your head, and you’ll be ready to explore.

The Mountainscape Hat has a woven label patch with a simple sketch of the Wind River Range. It’s awesome and looks super cool… how much more convincing do you need?

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8. Pancho And Lefty Hat

The Pancho And Lefty Hat is a classic Sendero Provisions hat, and we want it now! The clean and simple design makes it an excellent choice for any occasion. It comes in a copper color and boasts a white embroidered label of the classic Sendero Provisions Co. branding and a super sick agave.

We like it, amigos! The Pancho And Lefty Hat looks like it walked straight out of Mexico, and we are here for it. This snapback has an easy curve visor with a vintage feel to it.

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9. Daggum

The Daggum hat is iconic and one of the best in the Sendero Provisions Co. collection. Its neutral tone and classic look make it your perfect partner for everyday life and adventure. It has a brushed cotton canvas mesh back and an easy curve visor, and it looks good and is comfortable. The Daggum Hat has a black chain-stitched logo, the classic Sendero Provisions Co. label, and the agave tag – a sure winner in our eyes!

10. Cowboy Hat

Like all of Sendero Provisions hats, there is no bad review to be found about this bad boy. You can’t go wrong with Sendero Provisions: this cowboy hat suits everyone and looks good on anyone’s noggin’. It comes in navy blue with a mesh backing in a foam trucker hat style. The Cowboy Hat has a yellow embroidered logo on the front that stands out but is still super casual. It also includes one of the classic Sendero Provisions agave tags, and the Sendero label.

Final Thoughts

The Sendero Provisions hats are a must-have for everyone. They sell them online, so pop one (or more) in your shopping cart and click that “ship” button – they are worth every buck. If you want to support a brand that does good, and if you want to look good, then grab one of their hats and join the wild side!

Sendero Provisions stay in good condition no matter what you do, and they last. Your head is just dying to wear one!