Swiss Army Knives are perhaps the most iconic piece of equipment we can think of, known for their versatility and heritage, having been manufactured in Ibach Switzerland since 1884; just ask MacGyver how great they are. Thus it’s really no surprise that French knifemaker Malvaux might take some inspiration and try to improve upon the legendary tool, with their Malvaux Number 1 Knife

There isn’t any real need to change the classic design, but we must say Malvaux has done a pretty good job giving it some modern flair; for their first knife, they’ve off the variety of tools found on most Swiss Army Knifes, and focused merely on giving it an ergonomic, curved handle, made from CNC-machined aluminum and anodized, that manages to look positively gorgeous. The shape is designed to provide for better grip and comfort while using. The blade remains much like the old one, but doesn’t have the familiar groove for opening it, as the angled handle makes it so much easier to access. They have a proprietary Screw System, which ensures the blade opens smoothly and can be replaced if needed.

It’s obvious that the Number 1 is made with craftsmanship and attention to detail. It definitely does not have the sheer utility and tools of a Swiss Army Knife, but they had to start somewhere, and the Malvaux Number 1 delivers where it’s supposed to. If you’d like one, better act fast: Malvaux releases them in batches of 150 each color.


Buy - $250.00
Malvaux-Number-1-Knife-folded Malvaux-Number-1-Knife-blsck Malvaux-Number-1-Knife-blsck Malvaux-Number-1-Knife-blade malvaux number 1 bonfire