Is it time to get rid of old-fashioned keys and update all your doors to a smart lock? If you ask the August Smart Lock Pro, it is indeed. This round little device is a keyless smart lock that serves to bring your home one step closer to the digital, smarthome that people have been envisioning for years. It installs easily with almost any pre-existing deadbolt but doesn’t replace it; people can still use their tried-and-true keys on the front door if they prefer, or don’t have a smartphone. Setup takes about 10 minutes with just a screwdriver.

August’s DoorSense technology keeps an eye on whether the door is securely closed and locked and can alert you to it’s status via your phone. You can program it to automatically lock the deadbolt as soon as the door is close. It can also lock and unlock the door automatically as you (and your phone) approach the door, or you can do it automatically. You can open it remotely for friends or family, close it behind them, and a 24/7 activity feed lets you keep an eye on comings and goings, so you always know who is around.

The Smart Lock Pro integrates seamlessly with different smart home devices, such as Apple HomeKit and Z-wave, Google Assistant and now with Amazon Alexa as well, so you can lock you front door with just your voice or with a flip of the phone as you head to bed. You can access it from your iPhone or Android, and even Apple Watch.

The August Smart Lock Pro comes in two colors: black and silver, both of which are sleek and look-great on your door, and it runs off of 4 AAA batteries. Be sure to check and change them regularly to keep your front door secure at all times.

August Smart Lock