Leg workouts usually are overlooked. When it comes to weight training there are a few days more notorious and desirable to skip than leg day. Building leg strength is a great way to improve overall health and fitness in a simple way that can be done almost anywhere. If you are known to skip leg day, there are ways you can sneak it in through team sport and even with roller skates. If you’re interested in building leg strength, here are five of the best outdoor workouts to try, including what you’ll need to get started.

Isolation workouts

Isolated key muscle groups in the legs is a fantastic way to build strength and muscle. The glutes are a well known, but largely an untrained muscle group in the legs. Isolating the glutes can be done through various workouts, but one thing you’ll need is some weights. Weighted lunges, squats or even glute bridges is a simple outdoor leg workout that can target the glutes and add real strength. Glute strength is integral to good posture and relieving pressure off other parts of your body, including your back. Run through these targeted exercises three to four times with the aim of hitting at least ten repetitions on each leg. This simple but effective workout can be done with weight plates or dumbbells in your local park or even your backyard.

Lower leg strength

When it comes to building leg strength it’s easy to focus on the upper leg where the larger muscle groups are. Lower leg strength is equally important, especially for vertical jumps or even acceleration. Calf raises are a great outdoor workout to build low leg strength. These can be done with weights or simply with body weight, all you need is to find a steady spot and raise up onto your tippy toes and then lower down. This easy but effective exercise will help build calf strength and improve overall leg power.


Leg strength isn’t all about lifting weights, it’s also about the explosive power in your legs. Box jumps are a great outdoor workout to build leg strength. All you need is a raised surface, like a box, bench or ledge to leap onto. Stand close to the point you are going to jump onto and then use the explosive power in your legs to land the jump and repeat. Completing this exercise for three to four sets of ten repetitions will help build overall strength in all your leg muscles…a great leg workout!


Deadlifts are often referred to as the complete workout because they hit so many muscle groups. One of those muscle groups that deadlifts target and help build real strength in, is the hamstrings. You’ll need a weight for each hand, or alternatively a weight on a bar which you can lift without straining too much. Lifting the weight with a straight back from the group to hip height is the way to execute a deadlift and work those hamstrings right. Deadlifts are a fantastic way to build leg strength and can be done almost anywhere outdoors.


Often seen as a cardio workout, running doesn’t get the credit it deserves for helping to build leg strength. Running will work every muscle group in the legs and can easily be done anywhere you want to go. Running is a fantastic way to build leg strength as the terrain and inclines will test even the strongest legs. Try challenging yourself by adding in more hills or finishing on the uphill instead of the downhill.

Building leg muscles is very important for your health and also for even-strength distribution throughout the body. If you’re looking for new outdoor leg workouts to build leg strength, try these five options now.