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Troy and Sons Platinum: White Whiskey from Asheville Distilling

Troy and Sons Platinum Moonshine

White whiskey, otherwise known as moonshine, is picking up steam in the craft spirits game. Distilleries, from the small-timers to the big boys, are starting to produce it. But Asheville Distilling (Asheville, North Carolina) wants you to know they were one of the first. They bill Troy and Sons Platinum as the first true, authentic moonshine to be legally distilled in America. And while we can’t back that up with any objective records, their claim could very well be true.

One thing we do believe, however, is how authentically good this whiskey is. Asheville Distilling distills their spirits from Crooked Creek Corn, an open-pollinated heirloom white corn (which must give Platinum it’s clear color). And they use pure Appalachian spring water. So their moonshine really is as authentic as it gets – original mountain man spirit.

And Troy and Sons Platinum doesn’t disappoint. Regular whiskey gets its color and complexity from being aged in charred oak barrels, a luxury that white whiskey doesn’t have. So it’s not quite as complex and lacks some of the subtle, hidden notes of whiskey, but delivers its own, unique character. Perfectly clear and 80 proof, this is a stiff drink with bold vanilla, some floral notes, and corn. Lots of corn, as you should expect from a moonshine. Medium body, rounded, and well-balanced, it’s a tasty drink that goes down smooth.

Serve with a cigar and banjo on a hot summer night, and you’ve got the authentic American moonshine experience. Without the Prohibition, of course.

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