Think multitool, and you undoubtedly think of that Leatherman or Swiss Army Knife in your back pocket. AClim8 thinks you should think of something just a little bit bigger and presents COMBAR as the alternative.

At over a foot long and similar to size to a large hatchet, COMBAR is better dubbed a “super-tool” than a multitool, and it features only 3 or 5 functions, depending which model you choose. These 5 tools are chosen for their functionality and necessity: hammer, axe, spade, in the COMBAR, and an additional knife and saw on the COMBAR PRO. The knife and saw are stored in the handle, in a convenient magazine-like insert (think handgun).

It’s built from aircraft aluminum, titanium and stainless steel; the hammer is 420J2 steel, as is the axe, which also boasts a titanium cheek. The spade is titanium as well, and boasts a thin, rectangular shape unlike your traditional knife. Altogether, it weighs 3.2 pounds (not bad for something of its size and durability).

If you do get the PRO version, which includes the knife and saw, they’ll be made with 420HC steel and glass-reinforced nylon handles. And it comes with a glass-reinforced holster for hanging this thing off your belt or on your climbing pack.

The COMBAR looks like a badass tool for all kinds of outdoor uses – chopping wood, camp, fishing, climbing. Whatever you could need it for, really. Now, it’s not cheap, starting at $359 – and that’s the early bird special, and not even for the COMBAR Pro. Once fully funded on Kickstarter, price will kick up to $500. They back it up with a lifetime warranty, too; it’s always nice to see creators who believe in their own products. Whether or not it’s worth paying to have all these tools in one convenient package remains to be seen, but we’re confident the COMBAR will last you years of hard use.

Buy - $359.00
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