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Trango Crag: Durable Climbing Bag Doesn’t Cost an Arm and A Leg

Trango Crag Pack

Climbing is a particularly demanding sport, and one that requires some specially designed, fine-tuned gear – like a solid crag pack. When you’re hauling metal spiked crampons and picks, your bag is going to be subject to quite an unusual beating. And let’s not forget the harsh elements of the rockface, which is just as likely to scratch up and damage your bag, too. And if the bag is uncomfortable, unwieldy and awkward for climbing in…what’s the point? That’s the inspiration behind the Trango Crag.

Designed to be streamlined, lightweight and ultra-durable, the Crag is a top-loading pack made from what they call TitanWrap fabric; a tight, structured ripstop nylon that’s designed to hold up to continued wear and continued abuse. It provides 48L of storage space for pretty much all the gear you can fit in it – yes, even sharp metal spikes – and the design is comfortable to carry and easy to maneuver when climbing.

All the features and accessories are designed to enhance climbing, as well. There’s a Mini Tarp, which provides a clean place to toss your gear; a Mesh Shoe Pouch which keeps your shoes from being crushed inside the pack and allows them to ventilate, air out and be ready for the next go, and a guidebook pocket that can be accessed while climbing without needing to take the pack off. Additionally, there are two exterior straps for attaching your jacket or helmet.

The Trango Crag even comes with 25 Mini Waste Liners – so you can haul your trash out without making a mess of the inside of your pack.

But the best part? This pack retails for less than $100. That’s a solid value. As the price of outdoor gear continues to climb, it’s good to see that people out there are making affordable pieces – and they are proof that gearing up for outdoor adventures doesn’t have to be extremely expensive. For those trying to break into climbing on a budget, the Trango Crag is a solid bet. And at 3.5 pounds, it won’t weigh you down as you scale your next rockface.

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