With summer here, it’s time to start expanding that bourbon collection. Woodford Reserve – one of the best whiskeymakers in the world – is here to help, bringing us the 2019 rendition of their Batch Proof Bourbon.

Part of Woodford Reserve’s Master’s Collection, Batch Proof Bourbon is the crème de la crème of their whiskey lineup. It’s quite similar to their regular Bourbon – starting with the same mash bill and distilling process, to be precise – but has been aged longer and bottled at a more precise cask strength.

And how strong is that?  A whopping 123.2 proof (over 60% ABV).

Stiff. To say the least.


According to Woodford Reserve’s master distiller, the aim of releasing bourbon this strong is to unlock the full “range of sweet vanilla and toasted oak”…..and allow people to taste “intensity of the aromas and the smoothness of the whiskey at a higher proof point…the way the masters taste it.”

We can only imagine it packs quite a punch in every sip. If you’re interested, you can expect to dish out about $130 a bottle to try out some of this bold American spirit. Official tasting notes below.

Batch Proof Bourbon Tasting Notes

  • Color: Deep Coffee Amber
  • Aroma: Rich oak, overripe banana and marzipan, with hints of orange oil dusted graham cracker and dried cherry.
  • Taste: Dried apricot drizzled with rich dark chocolate layered over toasted hazelnuts and coffee with faint flavors of cinnamon and clove.
  • Finish: A long finish of spearmint and sweet cedar wood.