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Beam Suntory Legent is The Brands First Mixed Bourbon

Beam Suntory Legent Bourbon

Japanese Whisky sure is getting popular these days, and it doesn’t seem like there are any signs of the industry slowing down. But, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for the industry’s top dog to experiment a little bit with some other styles – like Bourbon. We’re talking about Beam Suntory, the world’s largest distiller (Sort of). They’ve got a new whiskey that’s sure to please Bourbon lovers out there – Legent, a blend of two of their own unique Kentucky Bourbons.

Legent is certainly a step in a new direction for Beam Suntory. Bourbon isn’t usually a mixed spirit – though it’s not unheard of. But they wanted to spice things up a bit, so they invited head mixer Shinzo Fukuyo of House of Beam to help – and do things the way he normally would.  

The Legent-making process begins with a straight bourbon – made in Kentucky, of course – that is aged for at least four years, before being packed into a variety of sherry and wine casks for finishing.

Then, it’s blended with another of Beam’s bourbons – also distilled at their Kentucky location. The result? A unique bourbon that, while not strictly-adhering to the standard Bourbon protocol, is about bourbon as can be – with a touch of unique sweetness from the sherry and wine barrels.

Something about it also evokes a mixed Japanese Whisky; in an interview with Esquire, chief Blender Fukuyo says that his approach to blending bourbon was “identical to how [he] blends a Japanese Whisky”. We’re not privy to the details of what goes into a selection like that, but surely the philosophy is evident in the taste.

We’re excited to eventually add a bottle to the top shelf of the home bar. Not many details about when and where Legent will drop, there right now, but expect it to retail for about $35 when it hits shelves. And the name? No, we don’t know what it means. 

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