To say that divorce is emotionally and mentally straining on an individual’s health is an understatement. It is a gut-wrenching experience that uproots you from your reality and makes you feel stranded. If you have kids, ex-partners have to share responsibilities as well. As one tries to navigate their life post-divorce, it is quite natural for one to find such an experience overwhelming.

With technology taking over most of our lives, it is also impacting a split from your ex-partner in subtle ways. The following describes how technology affects divorce proceedings and life after it.

Divorcing sites and apps

Many divorce websites provide customized services and provide legal counsel as per your case. Since divorce often involves discussion around a couple’s financial history, such websites can also connect you with financial advisors and other professionals.

However, it does not mean that divorce attorneys are likely to get fewer clients. In fact, the Law Office of Steven M. Cytryn provides legal counsel to their clients as per their case. Such specialized services are only available through interaction outside of the digital space.

Also, some apps allow couples to divide their assets efficiently. iSplit Divorce is an app that provides tools to divide assets and debts quickly. Moreover, it also helps you in dividing household items as simple as moving icons on a screen.

In addition to this, many blogs and websites offer insights regarding what to expect when going through a divorce. These websites can also provide you information about finding a tax attorney, divorce attorneys, etc.

Managing life after the divorce

If you are a parent who has gone through a divorce, you understand the pain your children might be facing. There are many apps and sites available to help you and your kids get used to this new lifestyle.

Apart from this, some sites allow divorcees to co-parent without them having to fight for child custody in court, which is a messy process. Such websites offer a perfect solution for divorced parents—to go on with their lives as well as perform their duties as parents. It offers various tools for separated parents to manage child custody without it impacting their family values.

Apart from this, 2Houses is an app that allows divorced parents to schedule their time with the kids without it creating any confusion. Such an app can help alleviate the stress of managing a work-life balance.

The best part about these sites and apps is that these are by divorced parents who, at some point in time, themselves faced problems in managing their lives after divorce. Hence, these offer practical solutions to parents who want to manage their time effectively.


Divorce is hard, period. However, one should take it as a chance to make life changes for the better. With technology impacting almost every area of our lives, it only makes sense that we need to use it to help divorced people go on with their lives. Technology is trying to help people not only continue their familial responsibilities but also connect with others.