Fitness trackers don’t have to be expensive. Why spend almost $300 or even $400 on an Apple Watch when you can snag an all-in-one fitness tracker and smartwatch for less than cheap dinner for two? We’re talking about HalfSun.


HalfSun is the dirt-cheap, sleek fitness tracker available on Amazon that packs all the features you need (heart rate monitor, step counter, calories burned, distance – you get the idea) into a cheap, comfortable package. It’s got a 1.3” IPS HD screen, IP67 waterproof rating, and “skin-friendly material” (aka silicone) on the wristband that doesn’t irritate or chafe your skin. And yes – it has all the smart-connected features you can’t live without, like text message alerts, incoming calls and even connectivity to Facebook Messenger and Skype from your phone.

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Perhaps most importantly, however…is that it tracks blood pressure. Flip this feature on, and it will automatically check blood pressure and heart rate every 10 minutes. And yes- – unlike a lot of cheap fitness watches, the blood-pressure tracking actually works. The big-brand fitness trackers don’t do this…at least not for this price. So what it lacks in extra features and high-end quality, it makes up for in budget price and BP-tracking.


Is the HalfSun the best quality fitness tracker you’re gonna find? Nope. But when it costs 1/3 what the FitBit does and a fraction of an Apple Watch, it’s a good way to get into the Fitness Tracker World on a budget…and keep an eye on your BP at the same time.